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I'm a Geek!

Name: Samantha

Age: 18

Location: Je suis de Floride

Interests: theatre, reading, colorguard, d&d, trivia

Your geekiest achievement: Getting perfect scores on the verbal/reading portions of the SAT and ACT.

Name something that should be added to this community's interests list: Mythology. OOH and Shakespeare. and Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.

Who is your favorite famous/historical/fictional geek, and why? Benjamin Franklin. That dude was amazing.


-Movie? loveactually

-Book? You are not seriously going to make me pick one. um um um Ender's Game if I have to choose.

-TV show? Boston Legal

-Fandom? I guess I have to say Harry Potter because I don't visit LOTR sites as often. But the Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship Of The Ring by cassandra claire are pretty much amazing.

Explain what makes you the geekiest geek that ever geeked: Being the captain of my school's academic team for two years and second best player on my county's academic team (we placed fourth at state, yaaaaaay!) Being a National Merit Finalist. Being the colorguard captain for two years. I'm a born and raised band geek. My dad is a band director, my mom used to be a colorguard instructor, my little brother is a trumpet section leader. I was "most intellectual" of my senior class. I really really like Latin and can read it fluently and even speak it passably. I own these shirts, and I think they are pretty much hilarious. Oh, and now that I'm in college, I'm taking C++ computer programming and it's really fun. And as I filled out this application I noticed some spelling errors which I have corrected. (attatch, explainations, communities in the plural instead of the possessive)

Please attach at least 3 pictures of you with explanations of them, and one 100x100 pixel picture for our members page. REMEMBER, THE GEEKIER THE BETTER!

My makeup and hair for Grease. I did it myself, and you can't tell but at the time my hair was waistlength and I had managed to get it above shoulder length and looking like Annette Funicello's.

i just took this.

aphadoeleilin  and me right before a clerk yelled at us for taking pictures inside the store.

Oh hey, I just realized I am wearing the same shirt. Oh well.

one of my best friends and co-captain of HS academic team, afterstarsburn . she is not a lunch lady. she makes me yummy cake sometimes.

The colorguard day camp I taught this summer for little kids. I'm in the middle.

My five year old cousin took this. Sadly, he framed it much better than I am usually capable of doing.

bzzzt pixely goodness. I'm not sure if this is the right size.



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