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Online Rpgs

I'm crossing this entry over to this community because I think online rpgs are pretty geeky and I like this site and am attempting to keep it somewhat active. Maybe this can get some sort of discussion going.

The reason I never wanted to join this online craze called the online rpg is because I've always seen the people that play it as immature twelve year olds who don't actually rp. I think they go on and talk ooc (for those of you not geeky enough to know... ooc stands for out of character) and they spend their time beating up on things trying to gain levels. Ok, so... I've been talked into playing and I'm hooked. It's true... everybody talks ooc all the time. You have to search and be persistent in finding people who actually rp. But, their are people of many ages here (like really old people too). But, I've been able to find a few good friends and I try on my part to keep the ooc comments to private messages. So, my main problem with "young" rpers is that they act their age. What I'm talking about is like when I was playing some game with my cousin online last year and I met some guy who promptly asked me to be his girlfriend. Lol, he was thirteen. You don't just ask someone you don't know to be your girlfriend because you think their avatar is cute. Anyway, I'm now having this problem on Final Fantasy XI. This guy who I've really enjoyed being friends with is asking me out. We've known each other only a week and only through a game. Plus, he's seventeen (5 years younger). Haha, he tried to tell me age is a number. I've noticed that that is a favorite saying for youngins who try to date people five or more years older than themselves. I believe age can be just a number if you are mature enough to actually know what you are talking about. For instance, if someone who is twenty-five wants to date a fifty-five year old... go for it. You've figured out how to live your life and you actually are old enough to have had your heart broken. I think if your heart has been broken, you are better able to discern what love is and what you are actually feeling. It comes from age and experience. I was always mature for my age... I had to grow up young.... but maturity does nothing when love hits. I was grown up by eleven years old... but I didn't know what real love was until three heartbreaks later at the age of twenty. Each time I fell for someone, it was more intense than the last, and I would realize I'd deceived myself into thinking I knew what love was. Anyway, that's a tangent and I'll get back to my original point. I really hate ruining a good friendship, but I tell this guy there's no way. He keeps saying that he might be able to change my mind and such and such... blah. Grrrr, that's a rant for another time as well. Finally, I get him to move on from the topic of us... then he starts saying maybe our characters could hook up. I told him he'd have to try to rp that out. I can't say how she'll feel. In game, they've only met once. So, he says the emotions might boil over into real life. I tell him if he can't separate rp from rl (real life) then he needs to leave it alone, because I do separate them and I won't be falling for him. Come on people, that's why it's called role play... it isn't real! I'm sick of people who carry their emotions into the game or out of it. Ok, here's my last complaint and it's a whopper... he asked me if I cyber rp. There is no such thing as cyber rp.... there is rp and there is cyber. In role play, if someone ends up doing something sexual, it's very much about word play. In cyber... people say really stupid things and expect you to get off. If I role play someone in a sexual encounter... I may not actually be turned on. Get over yourself. I really expected behavior like this from someone younger... at seventeen, I'd expect more maturity.
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