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Name: Winter

Age: 23

Location: California

Interests: Reading, writing, singing, animals, r-ping, movies, music, cheese, all things sharp and pointy, archery, anime, sushi, 80s cartoons and many more

Your geekiest achievement: I won most creative character in my rp group last year

Name something that should be added to this communities interests list: L.A.R.P.(live action role play)

Who is your favorite famous/historical/fictional geek, and why? Hermione Granger because she gives all geeks a good name and she makes homework look fun (lol)


Last Unicorn, Land of Faraway, LOTR, Star Wars 4-6, Never-ending Story, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Willow... need I say more?

-Book? Wheel of Time series, anything Anne Rice, Da Vinci Code... oh no, too many to think of, brain on overload

-TV show? all my favorites get canceled... there was Poltergeist the Legacy, Dead Like Me, Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel... I like Teen Titans and W.I.T.C.H. that are still on now

-Fandom? anime, wheel of time, d&d, vampire the masquerade, care bears, my little pony

Explain what makes you the geekiest geek that ever geeked: I don't go a day without some sort of rp whether on line or with friends at home. I never go anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE, without a book!

Of course, the DM is wearing a costume and we are wearing actual outfits... ironic?
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He just made a lewd sexual comment... I can't believe it, lol.

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Somehow, we look peaceful.

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And, that's me.

Thanks soooo much Mikomb, you rock!
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