Kristine (animeahiru) wrote in are_u_ubergeek,

I'm a Geek!!

Name: Kristine
Age: 18
Location: Greenfield
Interests: LARPs, RPGs, politics, photography
Your geekiest achievement: Getting my e-mail on my favorite political speaker's national television show. AMAZING.
Also becoming alpha of the city and dying in one night of gaming. Great time to get blown up. =P (LARP story)
Name something that should be added to this communities interests list: larp, ad&d, sci-fi, MST3K, rating community (I mean it is one, right?)
Who is your favorite famous/historical/fictional geek, and why? Well, technically he's a nerd. However, Brian Tochi because a drunk Japanese man on a tricycle is great stuff. Let alone the playing of "A Bicycle Built for Two" in Japanese in the background.
(If you don't understand what I'm talking about, SHAME ON YOU.)

-Movie? Enemy at the Gates (Woo for WW2 geeks!)
-Book? Who's Looking out for You? (Woo for political geeks!)
-TV show? Family Guy (Woo for anyone with a great sense of humor!)
-Fandom? Anime (Woo for anime geeks!)

Explain what makes you the geekiest geek that ever geeked: I LARP, have dressed up like my character for extra XP consecutively, and am proud of it. I'm also president of my school's Japanese Club.

Please attach at least 3 pictures of you with explanations of them, and one 100x100 pixel picture for our members page. REMEMBER, THE GEEKIER THE BETTER!

Anyone who knows anime knows Naruto!

Me in Japan a couple of years ago.

Did someone mention swords?

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