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I'm A Geek!

Name: Sean Clark

Age: 18

Location: Muncie, IN

Interests: Movies, Music, Books. Oh, and smoking.

Your geekiest achievement: In 7th grade, my school's network administrator called me out of class to fix something she didn't know anything about.

Name something that should be added to this communities interests list: quentin tarantino

Who is your favorite famous/historical/fictional geek, and why? Rick Moranis. That guy's not acting like a nerd. He is one.


-Movie? Reservoir Dogs

-Book? Ender's Game

-TV show? Late Night With Conan O'Brien

-Fandom? Quentin Tarantino

Explain what makes you the geekiest geek that ever geeked: I spend all my time doing things that are geek. I look like a geek, I talk like a geek. I'm always watching geeky movies, listening to geeky music, hanging out with my geeky friends, or having sex with hot geeky women.

This is my silly picture. Smile wide!

Aren't I such a geek?

Emo geek.

100 X 100
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