Abstract Angel (nukunukurei) wrote in are_u_ubergeek,
Abstract Angel

you mean I have to prove I'm a geek?

NAME_ Mariah Hart Daley-Watkins


LOCATION_In front of my computer

INTERESTS_ Too many to list

GEEKY THINGYS!_ well, confusing my ST at LARP enough to prove that I have a dicipline... Beating DDR Double pad on Kick the Can... amongst many others...

ADD TO THE LIST_ DDR and LARP... and Vampire; The masquerade.... and Peelander-Z... Peelander Blue especally


End of Evangelion

Lolita, the Best of H.P. Lovecraft, and The Art of Final Fantasy

-TV show?
Evangelion... if you can count it...


Explain what makes you the geekiest geek that ever geeked: I LARP,

I like Swords

I like Swords

I like Swords

I too dress as my favorite coimic characters

and just another picture for fun form Gencon... GENCON!

and my photobucket name is "Ia_Cthulhu_Fthagan"
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