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I'm a geek!

Application for membership!

Name: Nick Clark.... yep.


Location: Pendleton, Indiana

Interests: Few... Video Games, Heavy metal, and GOOD MOVIES, generic answers, yes, authentic... hell yes.

Your geekiest achievement: Um, geez... would joining the navy count? No? Um, well.. I am applying to this site, and I have a livejournal... and... a deadjournal... no? How about when I spent 5 whole days in a suger induced Final Fantasy nightmare gaming session? That is kinda bad...

Name something that should be added to this communities interests list: Um, how about... trivia? Video Games? RPGs? Fan Art? Fan Fiction? ::shrug::

Who is your favorite famous/historical/fictional geek, and why? My favorite... um I am on the spot here, for now, lets say Beck. My god, the man has his own language. I enjoy.


-Movie? Mayhap the amazingly depressing Reqieum for a Dream

-Book? The Perks of Being a Wallflower!

-TV show? The Daily show is AMAZING, followed by Family Guy

-Fandom? Explain what makes you the geekiest geek that ever geeked: Um.. I... um.. I'm a RolePLayer, nothing saves me from that and though I have some kicken pink floyd posters in my room... the cool factor is a little soiled by video game posters... and um.. I am a united states Sailor.

Don't ask, I ate alot of pixie stix... and crack.

Finally enraged by the injustices of Keeblar and elven slavery, my men and I decided to liberate them from there cookie making hell!

This picture catches my goodside, or just jasmine, what have you.

*Pics added!
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